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健身球哑铃坐姿推肩起始动作图解 点击放大健身球哑铃坐姿推肩图解
健身球哑铃坐姿推肩动作图解 点击放大健身球哑铃坐姿推肩图解
健身球哑铃坐姿推肩目标肌肉群图 目标肌肉群


    Choose a pair of dumbbellsand sit down on the center of anexercise ball and tighten your core.

    Raise the dumbbells above your head and twist so that your palms are facing forward. Your back should be straightand your feet firmly planted on the floor for stability. This is the starting position for the exercise.

    Keeping your eyes facing forwards, slowly lower the dumbbells to the sides of your shoulders.

    Once they are around shoulder height, contract the shoulder muscles and raise the dumbbells back to the starting position.

    Do not pause at the top of the movement, and immediately begin lowering the dumbbells back down for the next rep.

    Repeat for desired reps.

Exercise Tips:

  1. Keep your back straight throughout the movement. Don't let it arc too much when pressing the weight.

  2. Use slow and controlled movement, both when pressing and when lowering the weight.

  3. Use a full range of motion by lowering the dumbbells as far as possible, and raising all the way up without locking your elbows out at the top of the movement.

  4. Keep your core tight throughout the movement. Doing this will ensure stability and benefit your abdominalmuscles and core strength greatly.