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史密斯坐姿腕弯举起始动作图解 点击放大史密斯坐姿腕弯举图解
史密斯坐姿腕弯举动作图解 点击放大史密斯坐姿腕弯举图解
史密斯坐姿腕弯举目标肌肉群图 目标肌肉群


    Set up for the Smith Machine Seated Wrist Curl by getting a flat bench or short stool and placing it in front of a smith machine.

    Lower the bar to around knee height and add weights to either side.

    Sit on the end of the bench facing the smith machine with your forearms resting on your quads, palms facing up.

    Grasp the bar and take the weight off the hooks. Allow the bar to lower as much as possible. This is the starting point for the exercise.

    Bending at the wrists only, slowly curl the bar up as far as possible.

    Squeeze your forearms, and then lower the bar back down.

    Repeat for desired reps.

Exercise Tips:

    Use slow and controlled movement for for best results.

    Make sure you use a full range of motion, allowing the bar to drop as far down as possible and raise up as far as possible.